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Bicycle tour “7 Legends of Transcarpathia”

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Region:  Zakarpattya L’viv

Dates:  19-25.06, 24-30.07

Number of days: 7

Cost: 500  UAH

Route:   Lviv - Shipot waterfall - Pilipets village - Ridge Borzhava - Mezhygirska pass - Kolochava - Isa - Hust - Vinogradov - Mukachevo - Lviv


19 June 2011 – 25 June 2011
24 July 2011 – 30 July 2011

Tour starts at 8am from Lviv.
Tour ends at evening at Lviv.

It’s better to arrive to Lviv 1day before tour stars and depart next day after tour ends.

For your request we can offer 0-day program : accommodation in Lviv, excursion, meeting with group and instructors and other activity for your request (tickets to Opera House etc).


Day by Day tour description

Day 1 – The legend of Love

Distance: 28 km\ 17,4 miles
Accommodation: private mini-hotel
Main points: Shipot waterfall, Pilipets village

The legend of Love:
Transcarpathia is associated with an abundance of legends of love – there is the lake that a count’s daughter filled with her tears; a cliff from which two lovers – putting their arms round each other – threw themselves off, and a waterfall that appeared on the place where a couple died. In fact, most of the legends are about love that was not meant to be, but there are some happy legends too. There is a ‘women’s stone’ for girls – place your hands on it for a little while, and you are sure to get married soon. And if you are a guy, and wishing for a girl to fall in love with you, find her and give her an edelweiss. And if you are a couple, profess your love to each other with a whisper near the Shipot (Whisper) Waterfall, and your love for each other with be unbreakable for the rest of time.

Day description:
We arrive in Volovets and assemble our bikes, before going straight to Pylypets, where the hosts, in the hospitable fashion which is typical of the Carpathians, are waiting for us. Having enjoyed lunch, consisting of traditional Carpathian dishes, we set off for a walking tour to the Shipot Waterfall. The waterfall flows down numerous picturesque cascades in a narrow, precipitous gorge and is surrounded by steep ledges made of andesitic rock. It is considered, in its own right, one of the most beautiful in the Carpathians. Polonina Borjava, rising over the waterfall, is a traditional grazing land where shepherds spend the summer, cooking in their kolybas delicious cheeses (brynza and vurda).


Day 2 – The legend of the origin of the mountains

Distance: trekking in the mountains
Accommodation: private mini-hotel
Main points: Ridge Borzhava

The legend of the origin of the mountains:
There are many legends telling about the strong spirit of the Carpathian folk, about their liberation from their enemies and oppressive rulers. But, as we know, every nail has its hammer. Such a “hammer” for the very first ruler, the giant named Siluan, was a common guy named Karp, who forced him down under the earth. And all the attempts of the giant to break through the crust of the earth with his head and get out ended up with a new peak being created on the extremely flat land. That is how the Carpathian mountains originated, so called by the people in honor of their liberator Karp.

Day description:
What would a visit to the Carpathians be without a hike through the mountains! One day is thus devoted to a walking tour to the Borjava range. Beech forests grow here up to a height of 1200 meters, and alpine meadows or the so called poloninas higher up. The forests are abundant with thickets of wild strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. The summit offers a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and you will be able to see for dozens of kilometers.


Day 3 – The legend of freedom loving

Distance: 46km\ 28,6miles
Accommodation: Hotel
Main points: Mezhygirska pass, Kolochava, Svyatoduhovska church, museums.

The legend of freedom loving :
The highlanders don’t like to be governed by anyone, so from ancient times they established the tradition to look for better places where they could live freely and raise their children. So they reached the wildest mountains and marshlands. Some of these freedom-lovers built a village near the river Chavka (derived from the word ‘chavkat’ – to squelch), with a valley where water would always squelch under your feet. Despite the harsh conditions, Kolochava residents lived in peace and preserved their traditions better than anything.

Day description:
Today we traverse the Mezhyhirya Pass – this will be something like a farewell to the Carpathian mountains and a descent to the plains of Transcarpathia. The Kolochava village awaits ahead. Once a border area of three countries, Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia, it has preserved its authentic and unique characteristics. A true beauty stands up on a hill in the center of the village – the wooden Church of the Holy Spirit. In fact, wooden architecture is one of Transcarpathia’s trademarks. Three of Kolchava’s museums – “The Narrow-Gauge Railroad”, an open air museum “The Old Village”, and “The Old School” complex – are recognized as some of the best museums in Ukraine. The original museum exhibits accurately reflect the villagers’ lifestyle.


Day 4 – The legend of little devils

Distance: 44km\ 27,3miles
Accommodation: Privat mini-hotel
Main points: Olshansky dam reservoir, rural cheese factory with tasting, Master Class gutsulsky dance

The legend of little devils
The devil theme is popular in this part of the world, and in the villages you can hear nicknames such as Dragov, Dragulya, Dragushitets, all of them referring to some kind of devils (in Romanian, ‘drag’ means ‘devil’). One of those ‘little devils’ once stopped a princess from falling off her carriage by putting his finger into the wheel in place of the broken shaft, and as a reward she gave him the surrounding land. That is how the legend goes, and historical data confirms that Transylvanian dukes called Dragas lived on this land, whose offspring was the notorious Count Dracula. In Khust the dukes had a castle, whose mysterious ruins can be seen even now, and in Dragovo village they had their headquarters.

Day in details:
 Leaving the unique Kolochava village, we will pass by the Olshany water reservoir, where the historic village of Olshany is buried. A huge 40 meter high dam and the wild nature around it create an unparalleled peaceful atmosphere, and you just need to see it once to remember it for the rest of your life. Up ahead another marvel awaits – Nyzhne Selyshche. This well-kept, cozy village hosts a village music and ethnic festival in July of every year. This festival is organized in a way that can surprise even the most demanding of festival experts. Here we will visit a cheese factory, where everything is prepared according to Swiss recipes and technology. Even if you are not impressed by these words, you are sure to be by the taste and smell of these cheeses. And in the evening, if you wish, a master class in Guzul dances will be conducted by instructors to the music played by the local ethno-group called Hudaky.


Day 5 – The legend of courage

Distance: 60km\ 37,3miles
Accommodation: Hotel
Main points: Isa – a village of traditional crafts, deer farm, Hust, Vinogradov, the Franciscan church, castle ruins
The legend of courage:
A poor and amazingly talented potter Ivanko created a fine vase, depicting a flourishing narcissus, which looked as if it was alive. He summoned up his courage and gave the vase as a present to the beautiful princess of Ruthenia. The princess, of course, fell in love with the brave man straight away. But her father got angry at such an audacity, so he took the vase and threw it from the Prince’s mountain down to the valley. The vase broke into tiny pieces, which fell down in to the valley like rain drops. In the morning everyone saw that the valley was covered with a blanket of white narcissus flowers, which now please the eye every year in early May.

Day in detailes:
A day full of completely different experiences. First, we will visit Iza – a traditional crafts village (willow weaving). We visit a deer farm, which will give you a wonderful opportunity to interact with these cute animals and feed them. Next, if our trip is in May, we will take a massive amount of photos in the Narcissus Valley – a national park where infinite numbers of wild narcissus flowers grow. Such flora only exists in a few other places and on a smaller scale – for example, in the Alps, Romania, and some Balkan countries. Passing by Khust, we will admire the local gem – a 14th century Reformed Roman Catholic Church. We will finish the day in Vinogradovo. Here we will go up to the mysterious castle ruins located on the Black Mountain overlooking the town. Then we will look around the well-preserved Pereni Palace and a Franciscan temple.


Day 6 – The legend of treasures

Distance: 43km\ 26,7miles
Accommodation: Hotel
Main points: river Tisza, wooden temples, thermal pool, house wines tasting during the dinner.

The legend of treasures:
What nation doesn’t have legends about countless treasures? The most popular one in this area is about the gold of Oleksa Dovbush, a Carpathian Robin Hood. But there is also a more realistic one. Once a shepherd boy named Sas brought his herd to the green banks of the river. Another shepherd’s herd was already grazing there. The leader bulls started fighting. Sas’s bull won. On the scene of the fight the ground had been dug up by the animals’ hooves, and that’s where the shepherd found treasure – a pot with gold coins in it. To thank God, Sas built a temple on this spot. The place was named Bereg-Sas, and later – Beregovo.

Day in detailes:
 Today our route will run along the green banks of the Tysa river and the Hungarian border. The Hungarian influence can be felt in everything here. The village and street names, unfamiliar to the ear, are written in both Ukrainian and Hungarian, and you can often hear Hungarian language. We will make a stop virtually in every village to look around the wooden temples, all of which are unique in their own way. And Beregovo will receive us as the most welcome guests. In store is an excursion, swimming in a thermal pool, and a celebratory dinner featuring a tasting of home-made wines. Transcarpathia has been famous for its wine-making for a long time.


Day 7 – The legend of a castle

Distance: 10km\ 6,2miles
Main points: Mukachevo, Castle Palanok, souvenir shops.

The legend of a castle:
Every “proper” castle must have its own legend, and the Palanok Castle is no exception: it has a devil howling in its well every night. According to the legend, the workers couldn’t dig a well inside the castle that was being built on hard rock, no matter how hard they tried. One day, whilst discussing fate’s vicissitudes, in a fit of temper the prince said that he would give his soul for water. Now, as always, the devil appears, but he asks not for his soul, but only for five sacks of gold. In the morning, the castle gets a well with crystal-clear water. The prince was pleased to have water, but felt sorry to part with his money. So he ordered that five small bags be sewn and one gold ducat be put in each one – because the size of the sacks had not been negotiated. The devil, offended by the trick, jumped into the well, and after a while the water disappeared.

Day in details:
The last point of our route is Mukachevo. It is a European-style town with cozy cafes and bakeries, temples, a monastery, a town hall, and, of course, the famous Palanok Palace. The magnificent, well-preserved castle was able to even withstand the raids of the Mongol Tatars. It rises up on the top of a mountain which stands alone, and you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views in every direction from its terraces. One of the peculiarities of the castle is a temple where a wedding ceremony can be conducted for followers of any religion, so it attracts a lot of couples in love. There is a row of souvenir shops inside the castle, and if you wish, you can take some gifts home with you.



Tour price: 500 EUR

Included in Price:
- accommodation (6 nights), mini-hotels
- food (all breakfasts in hotels, 3 dinners, 2 suppers)
- transfer Lvov-Volovets (first day)
- transfer Beregovo-Lvov (last day)
- entrance tickets to museums and to deer farm
- instructor and translator support during the route
- excursions according the route schedule
- baggage transportation
- bicycle rent and transfer to\from the route
- medical insurance

Not included:
- food not mentioned above (4 dinners and 4 suppers)
- equipment rental
(if needed):

- bicycle equipment (trunk, bicycle backpack) – 15 EUR for 7 days
- bicycle helmet rent– 15
EUR for 7 days
- sleeping bag rent – 15
EUR for 7 days



Type:  Outdoor activities  


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