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Ancient Kiev and Podol

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Region:  Kyiv City


Number of days: 1

Cost: 650  UAH

Route:   Kyiv

We get acquainted with Kiev on a walking tour "Ancient Kiev and Podol". This is the most popular walking route in Kiev. On his way most of the main sights of the city are located. You will learn the most interesting of its more than 1500-year history.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, from time immemorial a powerful and invincible city, invites you to get closer: Starokievskaya Mountain and the foundations of the Church of the Tithes, the place "where the land came from," and, of course, the beautiful Andreevskaya church. It is impossible to be in Kiev and not to walk along the famous Andrew's descent - here you can buy everything from souvenirs to art objects.

We go down to Podol, the lower city is a living history of Kiev, its legend, mix of old and modern. It is also a district of famous fairs and holidays - here are the Kontraktovy and Gostiny Dvor. The Mecca of the Ukrainian intelligentsia is the Kiev-Mohyla Academy and many other monuments that preserve the spirit of antiquity.

In the historical center of ancient Kiev, the grandiose cathedral of St. Sophia the Wisdom of God has towered for a thousand years. It is the most ancient Christian temple, completely preserved in the East Slavic lands. Born of the era of Christianization in Russia, he became the cradle of Kiev's Christianity, statehood and culture, the development of which was carried out under the sign of Sophia-Wisdom, on which the world holds. St. Sophia The Wisdom of God, to which the cathedral is dedicated - one of the fundamental ideologies of Eastern Christianity, was associated with the image of God's wisely sovereign statehood.

The cost of the excursion to group:

2 - 40 €/person;

4 -25 €/person;

6 -20 €/person.

Type:  1-day school trips   Discovering Ukraine   Kyiv City Tours   Holidays in Kyiv  


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Duration of stay: 3.02.2017-3.02.2017

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