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MASTER CLASS "FENG SHUI - harmonize themselves and their lives" (Private course)

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Region:  Kyiv City

Dates:  16.01

Number of days: 1

Cost: 550  UAH

Route:   Kiev

In this master class you not only get acquainted with the culture of Feng Shui, but in practice, learn to harmonize your living space and will attract into your life energy of love and prosperity. Feng Shui - translated from Chinese as "wind and water." This is the art of living in harmony with the surrounding world and with himself. It is a system of time-tested knowledge of how to properly build their lives in the light of natural energy conditions.Water Element in Feng Shui is considered one of the most powerful energies. It adds a personal relationship and love the scope of the revival of emotions and feelings. In addition, the water, according to feng shui, represents not only energy, but also wealth. Therefore, the presence in your home character of the water element will help promotion and improve the financial well-being. Therefore, the room is very well put an aquarium, a fountain or a mini-image of the water.In order to let into your life the element of air, so that you opened up new opportunities, you need to clear the space of your house and make out "debris", ie things have not been used for years, lying on the cabinets, under beds, thus hindering the arrival of positive energy. And the element of air can circulate freely in your home, bringing into your life happy change.In this master class, we offer you to lift the veil of ancient knowledge, to believe that you and only you can make your life happy and complete, remove that pollutes your heart, your mind, your life!Under the guidance of an experienced instructor you will learn:- The history of Feng Shui;- Harmonization of the basic techniques of their living space;- How to calculate the number of gua;- How to calculate the number of money for each person (making money mascot);- The colors in your life (that is, their money in the colors of clothing and accessories);- How to recognize the power of things that surround you;- How to impose a grid on the plan of the apartment Bagua;- How to determine the nine aspects of life and how to activate them (adjustment for 2012).Master-class "Feng Shui - harmonize themselves and their lives" will help you get rid of all the "extra" in your life, give you a golden key in hand and you can finally open the doors to a new, harmonious life. Life is full of abundance. The changes come into your life if you let them!Duration: 2 hours.The format of the master class: private lesson.

Type:  Masterclass  


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