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Children's camp "Voyage"

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Region:  Kyiv

Dates:  , 28.06-11.07

Number of days: 14

Cost: 5200  UAH

Route:   Kiev region, m.Irpin st. Mineral 2

Most importantly, the program combines "Camps Voyage" - a positive emotion, creative atmosphere, new friends.

For the rest the child can show their independence, organization and ability to make decisions.

We named our holiday camp - "creative." This means that the situation will be informal and creative.

All program elements harmoniously follow each other, utilized all areas of activity of children:

  • physical;
  • intellectual;
  • games;
  • creative;

field communication.

On the territory there are:





  • an indoor swimming pool (in summer)
  • sports hall
  • dining room
  • playgrounds for basketball, volleyball, soccer and table tennis
  • medical center,
  • club with a cinema,
  • lounge act,
  • dance hall
  • playgrounds.

Detachment native speaker and teacher conduct of classes (typically, Speaking club, workshops, training), which no-no, and will be explained in addition to classes - as you can. On the other hand, is not the end but only a means - to win the race, learn a new song fashion - that is, the goals of the camp - extra-linguistic. Most guys - including those who are not in school was seized foreign - in the camp will receive a new impetus to its study. These classes assotsiiruyutsya English language and give the feeling of success, which is very increases motivation. The camp "Voyage" might be a better one.

Children scheduled comfortable routine: program not only English, but also interesting events, hobby groups, creative studio, walks, sports and recreational activities, tempering.

Every day is different in its program the previous one, each child will be able to express themselves and find employment in their interests. And all the time the children are close counselors, animators and native speakers - funny juggler and professionals.

During the summer season 6 will be major changes for 14 days, every day has a thematic focus.

Classes are held in the form of light gaming, outdoors.

Young participants for the successful work get very real wages - playing "voyazhiki", in which students can buy in the camp are real presents. For this camp is organized in late changes Fair.

Your children will find:


  1. Akvafytnes
  2. English
  3. Basketball
  4. Beading
  5. Volleyball
  6. darts
  7. Yhroterapyya - knotting
  8. Karaoke
  9. Quests
  10. Quilling
  11. puppet show
  12. modeling
  13. Board Games
  14. table tennis
  15. Weave Shamballa bracelets
  16. Weaving of rezinochek
  17. Weaving the threads fenichek
  18. painting
  19. Sox
  20. Olympics
  21. dancing
  22. theater
  23. Floral
  24. Football
  25. choreography
  26. Elven town


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