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Oleshkivski sand

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Region: Kherson

Type: Natural objects

Burkut tract - a unique nature that is preserved here since prehistoric times. Such a place other than a miracle, will not name ...
Burkut tract - the area covered by lakes, groves, reed thickets and meadows. Most likely, this tract and was first named by "Burkut." It is believed that the origin of the word - Turkic. Rather Tatar: because in this place there were Tatars than once or twice.

The tract area of ​​5200 hectares, is located on Chalbaskiy (Vynohradiv) Nizhnedneprovskiy arena sands. Center of the pearls of nature is on the verge Holoprystansk and Tsurupinskii districts. The natural landscape of non-agricultural land - is the main value of such places as Burkut.
In terms of biodiversity in forestry Burkut is almost a record. After all, by combining a variety of terrain - swamps, lakes, forests and desert sand - in these places grow and live many more plants and animals than in other areas of the same area. And many of them rare and endangered. And it's true riches worthy of astonishment and admiration.

Vegetation is represented by motley, namely dominated chaff Becker, feather grass Dnieper, keleriya sand, zhytnyak Lavrinkiv, zhytnyak puhnastokvitkovyy, cloves ploskozuba, everlasting sand, milkweed Sehiyeriv, gorse Dnipro, sainfoin Dnipro, thyme Dnipro, yuryneya Pachoskoho. Gaps among overgrown plants and mosses tortuloyu Sand tseratodonom purple and lichens - kladoniyeyu turn pages, tselokaulonom steppe and others.

Burkut is an area where best preserved sand mounds.

Here are the so-called "Oleshkivski sand" - an array of sand (arena), located 30 km east of the city of Kherson. The name comes from the old (before 1925) the city name Tsyurupinsk - Oleshko.

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