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Dnestrovskiy kanyon

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Region: Ivano-Frankivs'k

Type: Natural objects

The most interesting and beautiful site of the Dniester River is its length of 250 km from the mouth to the mouth of the Golden Linden Zbruch - Dniester canyon. Dniester flows through the canyon-like valley, forming a lot of weird twists - meanders. The nature of the Dniester canyon unique and inimitable. In its territory some 100 sites of animate and inanimate nature of global importance, there remain unique standards of exfoliation of rocks.

Dniester rises in the Beskydy Mountains at the foot of Rozluch at an altitude of 750 m. The total length of the river - 1362 km, the area of water intake - 72.1 thousand km2. Within the Ivano-Frankivsk region length of the Dniester River - 200 km.

The modern name of the Dniester River originates from the Kievan Rus, and means "fast water". The ancient Greeks called the river Tiris, and later Tiras. Among the Romans it is known as Danastris, Danastrus. The Turks - Turla.

Dniester has 386 tributaries. Chief among them: the right - Stry, Candle, Limnytsia Rivers, Bistrita, Reut; Left - Gold Lipa Ctrypa, Seret, Zbruch Smotrich. In the upper reaches of the Dniester flow rate - 4 m / s, on the plain - to 2m/sek., A at the mouth drops to 0.7 m / sec. The bed of the winding. In the upper part (to the city of Sambor) is a typical mountain river, flowing through a narrow valley with steep rocky shores. The width of the channel in the upper - no more than 40 m in the lower reaches - 100-240 m and the width of the floodplain in the downstream reaches 8-16 km. Descending from the mountains, flowing Dniester broad, sometimes marshy, plain, and within it slows down. Here the river flows on the plateau in the low, overgrown with willows clay banks, sometimes forming the island and the water is turbid, often shallow. In the area with. Zhuravno rises first left and then right bank of the river bed is rocky, the flow increases. Below the ancient valley of the Dniester Galic narrows to ~ 200 m high rocky bank of the Dniester are overgrown with deciduous trees and shrubs from under the rocks derive numerous springs.

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