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St. Sophia Cathedral

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Region: Kyiv City

Type: Sacred buildings

A strange feeling embraces everyone who crosses the threshold of a glorious Sophia. Where outside is noisy now, make way for centuries, and there is the distant past ...

St. Sophia Cathedral - the world famous monument of architecture and monumental painting of the eleventh century. The base of the cathedral remembered in the annals as a 1017 and under 1037 r.Budivnichim Cv. Sofia chroniclers called the Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev. Sources indicate that in this case, Jaroslav completed undertaking of his father, Vladimir - Baptist of Russia. Dedicated to the Wisdom of God, the cathedral, on a plan of founders, was to argue for Christianity in Rus.

For centuries, St. Sophia Cathedral was the main shrine of Rus-Ukraine - "Russian metropolis." Council, as the main temple of the state, played the role of spiritual, political and cultural center. Under the arch of St.. Sofia took place the solemn "landing" on the throne, church councils, receptions of ambassadors, the approval of political agreements.

When the cathedral was conducted chronicles and created the first known in Russia and the school library. In honor of the foundation in 1037 by Yaroslav the Sofia Library in front of the cathedral in 1969 was a memorable character (sculptor I. Kavaleridze).

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