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National Reserve "Pereyaslav"

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Region: Kyiv City

Type: Architectural sights

National Historical and Ethnographical Reserve "Pereyaslav" is one of the largest nature reserves in Ukraine. It consists of 371 immovable historical and architectural monument of the Ukrainian people, 26 thematic museums in the collections are stored 166 000 exhibits.

Among them are collections of world significance: 11 church buildings, 16 mills, a collection of ancient stone sculptures and funerary sarcophagi of copper and bronze age (69 units)., Proceedings of the settlements Tripoli culture, Scythian, Chernyakhovsk culture icons of the eighteenth and the twentieth century. (1,400 units)., Assembly incunabula, a collection of the Cossack period (clothing, military equipment and weapons), ethnographic area kolektsii.Zagalna Reserve - 3050 ha, of which 420 000 m display area. It is composed of the territory of Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky, its environs and Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky region, around which defined security zones. They are full of multi-cultural monuments, which reflect more than a thousand-year history of the city and millennia past the edge.
Since the beginning of the XIX century. the territory now recognized as reserved, carried out archaeological research.

The most interesting from a scientific standpoint and in terms of museumfication archaeological sites are: settlement culture in Tripoli Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, at x. Commune and with. Merry, a unique complex of monuments of different periods Tripoli culture, the Bronze Age, Scythian, Zarubintsy (the first time in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky region have been excavated archaeological sites, which gave the name of an archaeological culture - "Zarubintsy") and chernyakhivska cultures, archaeological monument "Old Things in Time villages of Tashan, Vinentsi, Pristromy, Tsybli, burial grounds and settlements chernyakhivska Culture in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, in with. Pine and 400 barrows and 200 archaeological monuments of different eras and cultures.

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