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Anthony Cave

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Region: Chernihiv

Type: Natural objects

Based Anthony Cave in 1069 by St. Anthony of the Caves of Liubech. First called The Virgin Monastery. It was promoted by Prince Svyatoslav of Chernigov.
The development of the monastery falls on 1239, when Chernihiv was destroyed by Tatar-Mongols. What does waking up in the beginning of the XII century. at the entrance to the cave rock Hellenistic church. Followed by a decline in the XVI century.
Restoration of the monastery began in 1649 on the means of Chernihiv colonel Stjepan Podobaylo. Restoration continued until the end of XIX century. At the beginning of the XXI century. Anthony Cave had a length of about 350. The depth of the caves varies from 2 to 12 m.
All underground facilities are located on two main levels. Geological conditions allowed the builders to create additional space without attachment and to ensure their longevity. On the walls of individual inscriptions. Of particular interest is the lower tier of caves. This site is located east of the altar of the church Theodosius Tot'ma and has a length of 100 m. The other site is located on the second floor between the churches of St. Nicholas and Theodosius Tot'ma hypocrites.
In XVIII-XIX centuries. was rebuilt by a significant amount of communication, resulting in the cave have lost their original appearance. Then revived with a brick three underground church.
Church of Theodosius Tot'ma was the main church of the underground complex and the largest church on the left-bank Ukraine. The church had sizes in the narthex -8.5 m, the length of -15.5 m. The other two underground church of the monastery of St. Antony's Cave: length -11.7 m, -4 m width, height -4.5 m, St. Nicholas sanctimonious: length 12 m, maximum width-2, 32 m, height-2, 68 m.
High humidity made it possible to have a wooden iconostasis of the church. They were replaced by stone walls with metal icons on them. Royal Doors are made of metal (preserved in the churches of Anthony and Theodosius). Anthony sacred caves are cell Anthony Cave and tomb with the bones of monks killed in 1239 by Mongols.

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