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Сastle Palanok

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Region: Zakarpattya

Type: Fortresses and palaces

Mukachevo castle - is an example of medieval fortification architecture, which combines different styles. Mukachevo castle is situated on a mountain of volcanic origin, height 68 m and covers an area about 14 thousand square meters. m. The castle consists of three parts and placed on three terraces. The oldest - Upper Castle XIV-XVI centuries. located on the top of the mountain, Middle XVII. - On the terrace at 6 m below the Lower Castle and also the XVII century. - By another 10 meters. below average. At the beginning of the XVIII century. on the fourth terrace of another 10 m below the tower was built to guard the gate and the road to the castle on the western slope of the mountain. This road has been preserved to our days, and the tower was destroyed in the early XX century, leaving only its foundation.

The entire castle, and every part of it surrounded by stone walls 3-3.5 m thick, dry ditches, 10-12 m deep, through which the wood had been moved, then lifting and bridges. Guard lock 8 powerful bastions, built-on in the XVII century. the corners of all three parts of the castle, which in antiquity was placed artillery. Gateway to the Lower Castle, where the guards, guarded by two strong ball-shaped bastions. The average lock has four bastions, a large courtyard surrounded by a two-storey buildings, which housed the barracks for the garrison, an arsenal, knights' hall, the kitchen, barns. On the north side of the yard once stood the commandant's house, which was dismantled in the second half of XX century., Leaving only the foundation. Behind it rise the stone walls of the XIV century. Upper Castle, which you can climb the stairs to the left and right. On the left - a ladder square tower of the late XV century. Right - this so-called "progress trap", carved by the south-east tower at the end of the XVII century.

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