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Region: Zaporizhzhya

Type: Natural objects

Mysterious Island Khortytsya, located in the middle of the wide Dnieper River, one of the most unique places in Ukraine, in recent times its development related to tourism, improving infrastructure of the island. Organized new museum, built styled mansion. In 2007, the island received Khortytsya status as one of the "Seven Wonders of Ukraine" - in the island survived the famous Dnipro rapids, on which was the name of the city Zaporozhye, geology, granite rocky island, its flora and fauna are unique.

Khortytsya island can also be called a grand monument of historical and cultural heritage - the Scythians lived here and Pechenegs, their traces are found during archaeological excavations. And from the beginning of the XVI century is the cradle of Khortytsya Zaporozhye network, here appeared the first Cossacks, and the place in those days was called Zaporozhye, and later, during the heyday of the Kazak Republic, the island became the center of it, a kind of capital. Until now, the island attracts Cossack echoes of heroism, one can imagine how he is approaching fast Cossack "Seagull", and among the exhibits of local museums can be seen the old items that were used by Scythians and more Pechenegs.

Tourists are attracted by beautiful nature and amazing islands, it is bordered on two sides violent waters of the Dnieper, a Ukrainian poet sung, over the river rises a rock, before which is a narrow sandy beach. On the island of preserved forest green, untouched for a long time, but spring and summer it blooms with bright colors of wildflowers. And the landscape, and a legendary historical background, reminiscent of the brightest period in the history of Ukraine, and the stylized Cossack estate that arose on the island during the last decade, attracted not only by groups of tourists from Zaporozhye and people from other Ukrainian regions, but also tourists from around the world.

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