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Region: Cherkasy

Type: Architectural sights

the trypillian culture was spread on the territory of the modern ukraine during 4000 - 3000 BC. trypillians created highly-developed agricultural culture that forced the decline of the primitive system. complicated house-building, high-quality tools, highly-artistic ceramics and plastic made scientists all over the world decide that trypillian culture played an important role in the development of the civilization.

more than 20 settlements were open in the 60th of the 20th century. most of these settlements are situated in the cherkasy region. trypillians built their settlements in the shape of an ellipse, so it turned them into primitive fortresses.

state historical and cultural reserve ''trypillian culture'' was created in 2003. 11 settlements in uman, talniv and zvenygorodka district are united in the reserve. the reserve studies, popularizes and protects the trypillian culture.

experimental archeology with reconstruction of the trypillian surroundings is something really unique and interesting.

a unique museum of the largest settlements of the trypillian culture is created in the village legedzyne. in the museum you can find a huge area (400 sq.m) of archeological exhibits and 3 restored houses that represent various types of the development of the trypillian culture. besides tourists are welcome to visit the pottery, as a part of the museum complex, where you can buy various souvenirs of the trypillian culture.

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