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Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independ

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Region: Kyiv City

Type: Architectural sights

Maidan Nezalezhnosti is a central square of Kyiv.

Up to the end of X century this territory, a whole modern Kreshatyk, wascalled Perevisyshe and was just a bog. On the place, where now Sofijska street starts, Lyadska brama (Lyadska gate), which led to the upper city, was situated.

Stone fortress walls and the so-called Pechersk gate were built on the territory of the square in XVIII century, and existed up to 1833.

In 1991 the square gained its present name in honour of declaration of independence of Ukraine. It is necessary to point out, that in everyday life the name Maidan nezalezhnosti has been used from 1990; this name appeareddue to the large amount of mass meetings in support of independence of Ukraine, which were conducted on the square in 1989-1991, and was quite ironic, so the official renaming just fixed popular name.

In 2001 the square was restored.

In winter 2000-2001 protest action ''Ukraine without Kuchma'' took place on Maidan, and in 2004 it became a centre of Orange revolution.

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