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Nevitsky Castle

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Region: Zakarpattya

Type: Fortresses and palaces

History Nevitskij castle begins approximately in the XII century. Its construction was associated with an active policy proruskoyu Hungarian kings, the increasing role of mountain passes and routes that lead through the Carpathians to the north and east to Galich and Kyiv. Then the castle was an earthen mound of small size, which consisted of fortification walls, ditches.In March 1241 the Mongol-Tatars invaded Hungary through Veretsky pass, destroyed fortifications in Nevytske. In the second half of the XIII century it was again restored. In 1279 the Hungarian King Laszlo IV (1274-1290) transferred all ownership comitat Ung and his management Transylvanian warlord move down from generation About family. After his death of the owner Uzhanschyny and Nevitskij castle became Omodey his brother, who owned the castle until 1311. Kingdom of Hungary in the era of strife, struggle magnates for the royal throne. Omodey and his sons took active part. Nevytske fortress that was the seat of zhupana and his assistants, strengthen. It is on the verge of XIII-XIV centuries on the site of a round tower built new chotyrykutnyy donzhony, and next to it a well to collect rain water depth of 4.5 meters.

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