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Aktove Canyon and Askania-Nova - the best in the South

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Region:  Mykolayiv Kherson

Dates:  26-28.05

Number of days: 3

Cost: 1950  UAH

Route:   Mykolaiv - Aktove canyon - Trykraty forest - Askania-Nova - Zalizny port - Gola prystan - Kherson

Southern Ukraine boasts some incredible natural parks, botanical gardens and preserves.

Aktove canyon is a part of the National park "Bug Guard", that is in Top 7 Natural Wonders of Ukraine. Among the bare steppe the nature created a granite chasm that decirated Mertvovod river banks with 40-50-meter cliffs.

In the steppes of Askania-Nova you will be astounded by freely grazing zebras and buffaloes. This virgin land is the single area of untouched feather grass steppe in the whole Europe. The Black Sea biosphere reserve is rich in beautiful gulfs, peculiar islands, fabulous groves and houses thousands of birds for nesting and wintering.                       .

Oleshky Sands is the largest sand area in Ukraine and the only desert in Europe. Further more – you can bathe in a pool with hot water that comes from a healing spring, whose temperature stays at a 65 °C (150 °F) all year round, and visit Tavria Green Hutora (farms).

Type:  Whit Sunday   Across Ukraine   Sea Coast   Corporate travel   Nature and ecotourism   May holidays  


Tour photo
Actove canyon
Tour photo
Local lizard
Tour photo
Bisons in Askania steppes
Tour photo
Przewalski's horse
Tour photo
Birds lakes in Askania-Nova
Tour photo
Ankole-Watusi in Askania stepp
Tour photo
Geyzer bath
Tour photo
Oak tree with golden chain
Tour photo
Mykolaiv ship cranes
Tour photo
Where Buh & Inhul merge


29.05.2018 Галина, Українa

Duration of stay: 26.05.2018-28.05.2018

7.05.2018 Марина, Українa

Duration of stay: 28.04.2018-1.05.2018

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