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Thresholds of the Southern Bug - 7-day trek

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Region:  Vinnytsya


Number of days: 7

Cost: 1750  UAH

Route:   Southern Bug (p. Sutiski - with. Raygorod)

Want to get away for a week from a dusty stuffy city, away from work, TV and other "benefits" of civilization? After all, sometimes it is necessary to shake off this routine, get thrills, breathe fresh air, full of smells of the forest and meadows, to compete with the elements, eat soup at a fire under the stars, listen to the noise threshold competing voice of a nightingale.



Gathering participants 08-00 m near "Svyatoshin" board the bus.

13:00 Arrive at p. Sutiski, build catamaran, packaging items and equipment, lunch at the sandwich mode.

15-00 Training on safety and how to behave on the water. Rafting up with. Mites.

17:00 End of the alloy, of a camp.


08-00 up, breakfast, gathering camps.

Rafting down to 10-00. Vorobievka, lunch in sandwich mode.

14-00 rafting rapids cascade "Kiev".

16-00 Setting up the camp in a clearing with a source below the threshold. Cooking a hot dinner, fishing, walking in the countryside, dinner by the fire. Lights out at will

 DAY 3

Day's rest - fishing, hiking, swimming in the "Jacuzzi", catamarans on the threshold.

On Yu.Buge great, something unique fishing - many carp and large roach, there pike, zander and perch, especially a lot of catfish - donk not remain without extraction. The rapids chub is found in abundance - a rare fish in Ukraine.


08-00 up, breakfast, gathering camps.

Rafting down to 10-00. Pechora, sightseeing tours, rafting on the rapids cascade Caves or the bypass channel.

16-00 alloy end of the bridge in a. Pechora, a camp.

As with. Pechera can see the estate of Count Potocki - the house, the tomb, a mill and a landscaped park, in their time, is second in the famous park Sofiyivka (Uman).

5-6 day (way)

08-00 up, breakfast, gathering camps.

10-00 rafting.

16-00 End of the alloy, of a camp.

At the end - fishing, recreation and walks, swimming for the most hardened

Alloy is in the area Yu.Buga, where the river flows first in a narrow canyon with rocky shores covered mainly by forest or a beautiful alpine meadows. And then expands and pleases its expanse. Last camp - before Raygorod village.


08-00 up, breakfast, gathering camps.

10-00 rafting to Raygoroda.

11-00 Demolition catamarans, packing things, transfer to Vinnitsa

1-hour tour of the city, visiting the museum founder of field surgery, the great physician and teacher Nikolai Pirogov in Cherry and his estate of Hitler "Werewolf" (surcharge).

Alloy occurs on inflatable catamarans by experienced instructors. The group provides all necessary equipment. Food in the evening and the morning hot during the day in the sandwich mode. To participate in the alloy allowed people from 10 years to an unlimited age, if your health allows you to transfer moderate exercise. Children from 7 to 10 years are admitted without seat rower for 50% of the cost, subject to non-conflictual nature. The presence of any qualification in sports tourism participants optional.

The price includes:

- Services of instructors;

- Hire water equipment (catamarans, paddle, life jacket);

- Provision of camping equipment (tent, campfire set);

- Providing personal travel gear (with their own business for a discount)

- Meals according to the program;

- Medical insurance;

- Complete kit;

- Repair kit;

- Excursion Vinnitsa.

The price does not include:

- Transportation and delivery of equipment to the point of the alloy and back (there is an option to get a comfortable train to Vinnitsa + local access by bus, minibus or transfer);

- Entrance fees to tour sites.

Terms of the campaign: collection / analysis boats made by the participants of the alloy by instructors, preparing meals - together.

Going hiking in the Southern Bug, do not forget to bring:

- Protection from the sun, Panama, shirt, flip-flops;

- Chapstick!

- Set for camp - towel, socks, pants, shirt, golf (fleece) jacket;

- Rafting kit (to be wet) - pants, jacket (jacket), golf (fleece), sneakers, T-shirt, socks (wool), swimsuit (melting).

- Comfortable shoes and personal effects;

- Personal care products, notebook, camera;

- Bags for clothes, household gloves, raincoat;

- Mug, spoon, plate, flashlight;

- And most importantly - a good mood!


Type:  Active tours   Outdoor activities  


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