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Dnieper rapids

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Region:  Dnipropetrovs’k Zaporizhzhya


Number of days: 4

Cost: 3900  UAH

Route:     Kyiv - Kozelshchyna - Tsarychanka - Kitaygorod - Petrykyvka - Dnipro - Zaporizhia - Stone Grave - Vasilyevka - Novomoskovsk - Kyiv  


We invite you to a four-day tour of the places of  Zaporizhia Cossacks. You will get acquainted with the main Cossack shrine - the Nikolaev Samara Desert Monastery, a visit to the legendary island of Khortitsa, the mystical Stone Grave, and the museums of the Dnieper. And that is not all…

Day 1

7:00 Departure from Kyiv (metro station “Palace Ukraine”)

Kozelschina. Convent of the Nativity of the Virgin, founded in 1885 in honor of one of the most famous miraculous icons - the icon of the Virgin. Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1906, architect S. Nosov, painted by N. Murashko).

Tsarichanka. Mount Kalitva. Fragments of the Ukrainian fortified line erected by Cossack forces by decree of the Russian Military College in the 30s. XVIII century for the defense of territories from the Tatars.

China town. Baroque ensemble - Nikolaev (1757), Assumption (1754), St. Barbara (1756.1796) churches.


Petrikovka is a famous center of Ukrainian decorative and ornamental folk painting, which was formed here in the XVIII century. “Petrikovskaya” Nine painting has become a kind of brand and is recognized as an object of intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine.

Arrival in Dnipro.

Check in at the hotel.

Free time.

Day 2


Sightseeing pedestrian and bus tour of the Dnieper:

Transfiguration Cathedral (1830-35), Katerininsky Mile, Potemkin Palace, Globa Park with a viewing platform on the Dnieper,

Monastery Island, St. Nicholas Church, Dnieper Embankment, Katerinoslavsky Boulevard, Karl Marx Avenue, Governor's House, Grand Hotel Ukraine (Khrennikov House, 1910-13), Mining Academy (architect A. Beketov, 1903), Lutheran Church, University Chemical Building (1890), Astoria Hotel (1913), church, Amur bridge (1884), Central bridge - the longest flight from coast to coast in Ukraine, Holy Trinity Cathedral (1837-60), choral synagogue Golden Rose (1852).

Museum of History D. Yavornytsky - the best historical museum of Ukraine, founded back in 1849 and enriched with collections of old-timers and the efforts of A. Pol, D. Yavornytsky, V. Antonovich. Unique exhibits from Scythian to the twentieth century are presented in the halls of the museum.

Visiting the house-museum of the famous historian D. Yavornitsky.


Menorah. A visit to the world's largest Jewish center. The amazing architectural complex Menorah, whose seven towers symbolize the menorah. Excursion to the museum "The memory of the Jewish people and the Holocaust in Ukraine." The “Breaking the World” installation, reminiscent of the disaster of civilization after the Nazis came to power.

Boat trip along the Dnieper (optional).

Free time.

Day 3


Departure to Zaporizhia.

Sightseeing tour of Zaporizhia. Familiarity with the main memos:

  • 700 year old giant oak.
  • Buildings of the village of Germans-Mennonites in Art Nouveau.
  • The Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Station - once the largest and most modern in Europe (1927-1932), the 6th Dneprostroy village, recognized at the World Exhibition in Paris (1937) as an outstanding architectural complex. St. Andrew's Cathedral, St. Nicholas Cathedral (1886), the church of St. Dimitia Donskoy.
  • Khortytsya Island. Historical and cultural national reserve. Acquaintance with the island-legend - a symbol of freedom of the Ukrainian Cossacks.
  • Museum of the History of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.

Sightseeing tour of the historical and cultural reserve "Zaporizhia Sich": acquaintance with the Cossack life and the rules of life in the Sich; the line of fortifications during the Russian-Turkish war of 1735-39; sanctuary.

Walk on a river tram around the island of Khortytsya with a lock in the deepest gateway. During a walk along the Dnieper, you will see: Dnieper Hydroelectric Station from the upstream side, Dnieper Hydroelectric Station with the first and second engine rooms, the famous Zaporizhzhya single-chamber lock, underwater channel, bridges, Baida Island, the southern alluvial part of Khortitsa Island, Zaporizhzhya Sich (optional).

Lunch (dry rations).

Stone Tomb. In terms of its historical significance, the Stone Grave is equated to Stonehenge, the Paleolithic painting of Franco-Cantabria and the frescoes of Tasili. The sculpture of man — fish, numbering 7 thousand years.

Vasilievka. Museum-Reserve "Manor Popov". The palace complex, reminiscent of the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka.


Late return to the Dnieper. Overnight stay.

Day 4

Breakfast. Release rooms.

Visiting the temple of the Iveron Icon of the Mother of God, based on the site of the former settlement of Old Samara. The iconostasis of the temple is made of pink onyx, brought from Iran.

Novomoskovsk. The only wooden nine-domed Trinity Cathedral in Ukraine (1773-78) built on the orders of P. Kalnyshevsky by a cat of the Zaporizhzhya Army. A complex structure (once without a single nail) of 559 decks was built by self-taught master from Lower Vodolag A. Pogrebnyak.

The Nikolaev Samara Desert Monastery is the main shrine of the Zaporozhye Cossacks, built by the Cossacks on the island between Samara and Samarchik. The official foundation date of the monastery is 1672. The Church of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker was built by priest Cyril Tarlovsky. The main shrine is the icon of the Samara Mother of God.

Return to Dnipro.Visit to the Dnieper Art Museum, founded in 1914. Next to the canvases of famous classics - V. Serov, I. Repin, V. Borovikovsky, I. Levitan, K. Korovin - a large collection of works (more than 300) by I. Brodsky. The pride of the museum is the collection of the Katerinoslav symbolist artist N. Sapozhnikov and the works of M. Bashkirtseva. A special place in the collection is occupied by the works of famous masters of Petrikov painting.


Departure to Kyiv.

23:00 Estimated time of return to Kyiv.


The tour price includes:

- transport service;

- excursion service;

- accommodation;

- meals according to the program;

- excursions and entrance tickets to the facilities;

- insurance.


Additionally paid:

- boat trips along the Dnieper.


Type:  WeekEnds   Across Ukraine   Discovering Ukraine   May holidays  


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