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Legendary Odesa

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Region:  Odesa

Dates:  13-15.09

Number of days: 3

Cost: 4200  UAH

Route:   Odesa - Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky - Schabo - Vylkove -  Odesa

13-15.09.2019 the tour will be held under the program "Odessa - Belgorod-Dniester - Shabo". (3 days)

For details of the program of the tour - contact the phone indicated on the website)

Odesa or Odesa-mum (as it is named by citizens) is the biggest Ukrainian city-port on the Black sea and simultaneously one of the most attractive vacation spots. You will be able to enjoy sunny beaches and great music & dance clubs, that the city is famous for. The most interesting things in Odesa and around the city we have collected in one impressive tour.

Day 1

Arrival to Odesa.

City sightseeing tour.

Odesa has always been adored by artists, sculptors, writers and poets, so it’s no wonder that here you can be impressed by one of the world’s most beautiful opera houses, diverse museums and galleries, peaceful gardens and amazing architecture. Odesa even has its own cuisine, the most famous dishes of which are chops from kilka, forshmak and tzimmes. 

The modern building of Opera theater in Odessa has been opened in 1873, the first one – in 1810! Unique acoustics of the hall allows to each whisper to get from the scene in any corner. In one of evenings we will necessarily visit this theatre which has been included by FORBES magazine in the list of most unusual and interest places of the Eastern Europe.

In Odessa it’s obligatory to visiting the oldest market Privoz that is an obligatory attribute of each city-port. But in Odessa this market has the specific atmosphere allowing learning better the city.

We learn more about military glory of this region. For example the Museum of Partisan Glory more known as the Odessa catacombs. At the time of the Second World War city stone quarries served as good shelter for the guerrilla though concealed danger in itself. Till now are studied underground courses which total length makes more 2,5 thousand kilometers.


Day 2 

The most majestic impression will leave visiting of Akkerman fortress and downtown of Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky. The fortress history, as well as the city, have more 2500 years. Here scientists with easy find an evidences of pre-Christian epoch and Russian-Turkish wars of XIX century...

Then we will go to recently opened Center of Culture of Wine in Shabo. Grapes in this region grow up since XII century, and tradition of winemaking in Shabo have been put 200 years ago since the basis of the French-Swiss settlement. Great poet Alexander Pushkin and the Romanian king Karol were admirers of this wines in due time. Now for visitors tasting offer the best samples from underground Storehouses, Sherry Cellar, Cognac Court Yard and Sparkling House.


Day 3

Vylkove is situated at the confluence of the Danube and Black Sea, on the border with Romania. Sometimes it is called "Ukrainian Venice" as the part of the old town is situated on the water. Instead of streets here there are the channels, and inhabitants' main vehicles are barks (original "gondolas") and motor boats. 

Boat trip to the Danube Delta and the Old Believers' village Ankudinov, the territory of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. The landing on the island at "Danube 0 KM" sign, a tour by the reserved beach, bird watching. 

Picnic on the island: fish soup and fresh fish, local wine "Novak", herbal tea.

Departure to Odesa.

Type:  Across Ukraine   Discovering Ukraine  


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