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Mysteries of Tripoli + Festival "Tripoli colo"

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Region:  Kyiv


Number of days: 1

Cost: 240  UAH

Route:   Tripoli - Vitachev - Rzhyshchiv - Repnitsa


Seven thousand years ago laid the foundations of agricultural civilization in the land which is now called Ukraine. Since then, people have started here grow wheat, raise cattle, weave, sculpt pots, melt the metal, to build houses of wood, twigs and mud, and in addition create a new spiritual world.

We have heard the Late Stone Age monuments - traces of thousands of villages, large proto (500 ha), ceramics, shapes and patterns that tell us about the outlook of the universe and man the creator. Tripoli culture is still the biggest mystery of European prehistory.

That legacy would be proud of every state! If, however, about Egypt and Sumer, established forced labor, it is known around the world, the culture of the Tripoli-free farming, which is the statute of limitations is not inferior to them, often do not know, and the Ukrainians themselves. But that is where our story begins.

09.00 - Departure from Kyiv (metro station Vydubychi)

09.40 - The first item on the route from Kiev - c. Tripoli. Tripoli is located on the right bank of the Dnieper River in the Red River Valley. Its name is connected with the character of the area: it converge three fertile valleys, three fields delimited by rivers Stugna, Red and Bobritsa. At the entrance to the village of Tripoli rises Devic-mountain on which it was excavated the altar of the goddess-virgin Zarubintsy culture. Here the remains of ancient settlement - the remnants of Trepol mentioned in the chronicles of 1093

11.00 - And further on our route to. Vitachiv - here in ancient times lived Tripolye, and they are not alone. Archaeologists have found traces here and chernyakhivska Zarubintsy crops, settlements of late, Scythian and ancient times. The concentration of archaeological sites from different periods between crops. Crest and Rzhyshchiv simply unique.

12.00 - Rzhyshchiv. Under the most famous settlements Rzhischevom Tripoli culture in the Valley of the Jews tracts, and multi-Homa settlement in the tract Monastirok here recorded material of the three eras - Tripoli, Zarubintsy and ancient. The modern city Rzhyshchiv on the site of Ivan the city, considered one of the fortresses of the Dnieper defense line protecting the crossing of the Dnieper and the immediate approaches to Kiev. Complete destruction of the fortress, after which it ceased to exist, associated with the first Tatar campaign and plundering of this part of the coast of the Dnieper River after the Battle of Kalka in 1223, although it had no mention in the annals.

13:00 - The last point of our trip - village Repnitsa, which conducts some of the most recent excavations.

14:00 - And now to the historical and archaeological travel in time and space - to live acts at the festival TRIPІLSKE KOLO.

Rospisanie festival:

14.10 - Performance in the style of Tribal

14.25 - Korean Dance

14.30 - Workshop on traditional Hawaiian dance - hula

15.20 - Workshop on Japanese dance

16.00 - Folk Ensemble, p. Moysovka, Drabov, Cherkasy

16.30 - Folklore ensemble "Verbichenka", Kiev

18.00 - Kobzar Taras Silenko

18.20 - The beauty of

19.00 - Korean Dance

19.05 - Teleri

19.45 - Irish step

19.55 - Den

The price includes:

- Excursion support on the route,

- Entrance fees and excursions to Kyiv Regional Archaeological Museum in s. Tripoli,

- Comfortable transport services by bus

- Health insurance.

The price does not include: entrance tickets to the festival dinner.

RECOMMENDED shoes Comfortable shoes!

Cost of the tour:

Full - 240 hrn. / Person.

Student, Pension - 210 hrn. / Person.

Children - 150 hrn. / Person.


Type:  Ethnotours. Festivals  


Tour photo
Tour photo
Tour photo


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