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Historical trip by fortified cities and castles

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Region:  Rivne Ternopil’


Number of days: 3

Cost: 2500  UAH

Route:   Dubno - Zbarazh - Ternopil - Rohatyn - Berezhany - Pidhaytsi-Kremenets - Mezhyrich Ostrozhsky - Ostrog


You are invited to journey by Catherine Lypa, defense architecture historian, author of popular science books, "Under the protection of the walls," "majestic backdrop for feats" and others.

Significant places of national history, the harsh and defensive castles monasteries, majestic temples, fascinating construction of cities and indescribable beauty of landscapes - all this can be seen in the vicinity of Ternopil, at the junction of the three historic regions of Ukraine - Volyn, Podolia and Galicia. The route will be enjoyed by fans of good architecture, especially those who are interested in the history of fortification art during the trip you will see more than 15 defense installations - from powerful castles to small temples that protect some parts of the cities.

The first day

The first day of our road trip will run Volynia princes and Zbarazh Ostrog. A few hours - arrival possession Princes of Ostrog, the city of Dubno. Overview favorite residence of Prince Vasili Ostrozky, Castle XV - XVII centuries. Familiarity with the defense Bernardine Monastery (1630), included in a story by Nikolai Gogol's "Taras Bulba." Overview fortified Lutsky gate (XV - XVI centuries.), Uniform structures remaining from the fortifications of Dubna. In the XVIII century. this building going local masons.

After lunch, go to Zbarazh.

Young princes Kristof and Yuri Zbarazh while studying in Western Europe, ordered the project of a new castle prominent Italian architect Vincenzo Scamozzi. The author was proud of his work, and even described it in his own treatise, but the prince had pretty tricky to translate Italian project to life.

In the summer of 1649 at the walls Zbarazh played out one of the greatest dramas of the War led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky: Cossack army laid siege to the castle and adjacent to the fortified camp, which was locked in a large Polish army. State of siege was so heavy that even the Cossack chronicles portrayed him sympathetically. The successful siege and battle of Zbarazh nearby; Zbrova Zborovskaya was agreement that, in particular, have been delineated boundaries of the Ukrainian Cossack state - the first ever documented approved border of Ukraine. Now Zbarazh castle museum with an interesting collection of weapons, paintings, sculptures (among other things - work, credited with genius Johann Georg Pinzel).

In the evening we arrive at the historical skirts - in Ternopil. In Ternopil inspect the cozy center of the city: the magnificent baroque Dominican Monastery (1749 - 1779), the castle (1540), though much modified by later reconstructions, defense Church of the Nativity of Christ (1602 - 1608), a monument to the star's La Scala , favorite singer Giuseppe Verdi Solomiya Krushelnytska.


The second day

Breakfast, departure to Rohatyn.

A significant part of the second day of our stay devoted Galicia. In particular, the Galician town of Rohatyn is renowned for being born here-powerful sultana, which remained in history as Roksolany or Gyurrem. In the central square of the city we will visit the monument of one of the most influential women in Ukrainian history. If it is true that the father of the wife of Süleyman the Magnificent was a priest (it is not known for sure), then he could serve in the ancient temple city - the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. This unique temple building combines old Russian tradition, the structure of the wooden churches and features of Gothic architecture. A late Gothic imprint bears and the majestic church of St. Michael. And another city church, Svyatoduhivska, affects not only the exquisite proportions and age (over 400 years - a lot of wooden structures), but also skillfully made iconostasis XVII.


Next we go to Berezhany. In this picturesque town buildings of different periods and architectural styles are in perfect harmony. Powerful lock Senyavskaya (1554) is famous not only advanced for its time basteyovimy fortifications, but also the fact that perhaps the only one in Ukraine instead of the Castle Church and the Protestant church was a house of worship (later, however, in a converted church). Unique building ornate renaissance sculptures and carvings. The hill rises above the Berezhany elegant silhouette of the church Nativity of the Virgin Mary (1600), in which architecture defensive qualities oddly mingled with features of Gothic and Renaissance styles. Church of picturesque streets run down to the market square at its center - delicious hall in Empire style (1811).

After lunch we return to skirts - in Pidhaytsi. Pidhaytsi were once typical of Podolia town-fortress. It is clearly seen as the problem of Defense distributed between ethnic and religious groups of citizens. Orthodox Church of the Assumption protected area (1653), for the term, such folk wooden churches, but powerfully reinforced. Catholics were under the protection of the defense of the Holy Trinity (1634), in which unexpected renaissance browsing features of the Gothic style. Jewish quarter defending typical synagogue Podolia (XVI c.). Cozy market square of the town its different configurations: it is not rectangular or trapezoidal, as it usually is in these cities, and triangular.

Back in the Ternopil, where is the time for independent travel cozy town center with its cafes and bookstores, progulyankunad malovnichimstavom, riding on a boat.

The third ay

Ternopil leaving again go to Volyn. The first town on our way - ancient Kremenets. One of the most picturesque cities in Volyn - lies in the valley between high hills, which are streets, stairs, first mentioned in chronicles in 1227 we will visit the castle in the XVI., Who belonged to the King Bona Sforza, and rises on the hill that bears her name myself. Hundreds of years Kremenetskaya fortress was considered insurmountable, the castle was taken by storm only a single time - Cossack army Maxim Krivonos.


Exquisite baroque ensemble Jesuit College in XVIII. was once home to the famous Kremenets Lyceum, education level at which the university. Lyceum Library was the basis of the library of the University of St. Vladimir of Kiev and unique plants from the botanical garden of the Lyceum initiated Kiev botanical garden, which now bears the name of academician Fomin. We shall also see beautiful buildings Franciscan monastery (1636 - 1832 years), fairy houses twin XVIII century. and admire the scenery, fascinating any time of year.

Next we come into the possession of the princes of Ostrog, which contemporaries called the uncrowned king of Russia. Christmas trip topped visiting family estate influential noble family XV - XVII centuries. - Jail. Not far from the capital of the princely inspect Mezhyrich Ostrog. Mezhyrich once was the city from which preserved earthworks and stone Zaslavskaya gates (XVI c.). Mezerich main building - a majestic Trinity Monastery-fortress (XVI c.), Built by the princes of Ostrog.

In prison inspect the prince's castle (XIV - XVI centuries.), Situated on a picturesque plateau, get acquainted with the unique collection of paintings, sculpture and decorative arts, located below the locking vaults. A generation of famous princes lived in a unique edge to our building - residential towers dungeon. And prayed princes in a small chapel, as is usually the case in the castle, and in the great Church of the Epiphany. In prison you learn about martial exploits of several generations of warrior princes, the cultural activities of Prince Vasili Constantine Ostrog Bible publisher and founder of the Ostrog Academy and the sad fate of beauty Galshki Ostrog, which has not brought happiness, none of her three marriages. Also visit the Museum of Printing, located in Lutsk powerfully fortified gates, the rest of the once insurmountable fortifications. The museum is not only old, but also a collection of weapons.


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Ostroz'ky castle in Dubno
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Zbarazh castle
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Zbarazh cathedral
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Zbarazh castle gates
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Entrance gates in Zbarazh
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Inside the castle


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