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Volyn strongholds

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Region:  Volyn’ Rivne


Number of days: 3

Cost: 3100  UAH

Route:   Kyiv - Olyka - Luck - Vladimir-Volynsky - Nyzkynychi - Poddubcy - Klevan - Kyiv

For centuries Volyn city was home to the powerful princely families. Here appanages sons ruled Kievan princes, they changed the Lithuanian grand duke, Radziwill, Chortoryyski. During princely hand rose city, built the fort, temples and monasteries, art bloomed. Surprisingly many monuments preserved from those grand times: from the ancient walls of the medieval castle to the Gothic castles and monasteries, from ancient temples that survived after the Mongol invasion, to the churches of the Renaissance and Baroque. Rich collection of paintings, gems of architecture, historical monuments - the treasures of Volyn prince waiting pop. - Treasures of Princely Volhynia waiting for you.

Day 1

From Kyiv our way lies to Olika, the residence of the powerful princely family Radzivils. In 1564 there was built a castle. With the loss of defensive value in the eighteenth century. Castle turned into elegant palace. Near the castle stands the majestic piznorenesansovyy Trinity church, built in 1635 - 1640 years modeled glorious church Il Gesù in Rome. In the ancient church surrounded by defensive walls with towers, some of which survived to this day. We examine also the oldest buildings in the city - a little defensive and Paul Church, built in 1450

In Lutsk, to which we arrive in the afternoon, we will have to review pearls Ukrainian Gothic - Castle Prince Lubart Gediminians. Built in the thirteenth century. stronghold was the favorite residence of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas, under whose rule the Lithuanian state reached its greatest strength, and its borders stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

Around the castle, located in the ancient okol'niy hail - fortified city center. Its territory examine house Puzyna XVI - XVIII centuries., Jesuit monastery XVI - XVIII centuries., Defense synagogue XIV - XVII centuries., Fragment fortifications outer castle - tower Chortoryyskyh XIV - XV century.

Day 2

The second day is devoted to travel stronghold Grand Prince of Kiev, and later the capital of Galicia-Volyn principality - Lutsk. The town was first mentioned in chronicles in 988 year. It was in the year of the Baptism of Kyiv Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovych gave the city bears his name, his son Vsevolod. From the time of Vladimir the Great preserved citadel, surrounded by ramparts 10 meters tall.

For centuries, the independent principality centered in the city of Vladimir ruled by the eldest sons of the Kievan princes and pretenders to the throne of Kyiv. One of them, Mstislav II Izyaslavovych, built in 1160 in the majestic Cathedral of the Assumption, which survived to our time. Near the cathedral towering steeple, built in 1494 and is similar to Italian bell-tower - kampanile.

In 1204 Prince Roman Mstislavovich moved the capital of Kyiv, which gradually lost its importance to Vladimir. During the reign of his sons - Daniel and Vasylko - the city has become a brilliant capital of Galicia-Volyn principality. Since the rule Romanovich dynasty survived Rotunda Church of St. Basil, built in the thirteenth century.

A few kilometers from Vladimir-Volyn Lutsk is the village that uslavylosya powerful monastery-fortress, built by and for building the XV-XVI centuries. Assumption Convent senior Vladimir-Volyn, he founded by Prince Vladimir Sviatoslavych still out of town and was originally made of wood. But brick buildings that survived to our time, began to build in 1460th years by order of Prince Alexander Chortoryyskoho. Soon the monastery became a powerful stronghold of fortyfikovanymy ground and intimate cave temples, strong walls and tall Gothic towers.

From the Middle Ages Let's look briefly at night Renaissance. To do this, we'll pick in Nyzkynychi, Ukrainian estate mogul Adam pudding. Brave soldier and diplomat, governor of Kyiv, the only Orthodox senator of the Commonwealth, he used his diplomatic talent during the Cossack rebellions and liberation war led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky to search for mutual understanding between the Cossacks and the government of the Commonwealth and stop the bloodshed. End of life founded on his farm monastery. In the monastery Assumption Church, built in 1653, a prominent figure was buried. In the church is preserved tombstone Adam Kissel, who is an outstanding piece of sculpture of his time.

On the way back to Lutsk we visit the small village Zaturtsi. Here we examine defense church, built in 1642 and visit the museum-estate of the prominent historian and political activist Vyacheslav Lipinskogo. A Pole by birth, Lipinski became one of the leaders of the Ukrainian liberation movement 1918 - 1920 years, was associate of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky and UNR ambassador in Vienna. Manor Lipinskogo together with the park that surrounds it, is a typical small noble estates and interesting also from this point of view.

Day 3

In the morning continue to enjoy the wonders of the capital of Volyn. We examine the majestic monastery complex Bernardino XVIII. and visit the Museum of Volyn Icon, in which, among other masterpieces place of honor is one of the icons chronicles the Protecting Ukraine - Virgin Chelm.

Leaving from Lutsk, we examine the amazing church built in 1745 in the village Piddubtsi. Round in terms of the cross inscribed in a circle temple has a majestic dome that covers the center of the building and small turrets with cupolas, denoting spatial cross arms.

Then go to pecking, estates princely family Chortoryyskyh. Michael Chortoryyskyy was pecking the prince Svydrygailo in 1442. Perhaps he began to build in the town castle, but built with almost four-meter thick walls have come down to our time, consolidated son Prince Michael Fedor Chortoryyskym (in 1475), pecking was the main residence of the family. In 1632 the castle passed to the Jesuits, who founded here your college. In Klevan we examine also the church of the Annunciation, built in 1630, the temple was built on the orders of the first kind Chortoryyskyh that made Catholicism - George, which is now named Jerzy.

Request to girls and women have with kerchief and avoid short skirts, because the route many existing churches and monasteries. All travelers recommend to have comfortable shoes.



For group of 8-6 people. - 1945 UAH

For group of 9-11 people. - 1785 UAH

For group of 12 people. - 1590 UAH


The price includes:

  • Getting comfortable bus route
  • Entrance fees and excursions according to the program
  • Residence
  • Breakfasts
  • Group support
  • Medical Insurance



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