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Hutsul folk magic & authentic festival in Kosiv

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Region:  Ivano-Frankivs'k Carpathians

Dates:  06-07.07

Number of days: 2

Cost: 1500  UAH

Route:   Ivano-Frankivsk - Manyava - Verkhovyna - Kryvorivnya - Kosiv - Ivano-Frankivsk

Each region of Ukraine is interesting in its own way. But if you are in Hutsul ... Stunning beauty of nature and extraordinary kindness people conquer all travelers. It preserved the ancient traditions and legends, and local flavor alive in everything: clothes, food, conversation. From here you ride with immense number of pictures and lots of souvenirs - authentic, handmade! And here I want to return again and again ...

And also - master classes and collections of ancient and modern Hutsul clothing, wedding ceremonies and fun music to "Ludynye"-fest in Kosiv!


Day 1

Arriving to Ivano-Frankivsk.

Tour by city, that is called "eastern gate Carpathians." It was founded in 1661 and now we can see the Market Square and City Hall, which survived to this day. In city architecture the Renaissance ideas about the "ideal city" are reflected. They are embodied in planning the suburbs, streets, temples and stone buildings. 


Transfer to Maniava skit - ancient mountain monastery.

In the Carpathians there are many places with powerful energy and spiritual aura, one of these places is Manyava skit. A cozy, quiet place will move you to ancient times, which the wooded slopes of the Carpathians saw. Surrounded by a stone defensive walls and hidden in the forest this monastery of the XVI century will tell you old stories.

After lunch we will go to Verkhovyna - this place certainly take your heart. Because we are located in the Carpathians, in the place where kept a real oasis of unspoilt virgin nature. Here in the wilds of Chornogora spine, all the high points of Ukraine - six Carpathian 2000m high mountains, are situated.

And to be charged a good mood, drifting on a visit to the museum of virtuoso musician Roman Kumlyk. This unique museum has in its collection a lot of violins, trembita, dulcimer, drymby, Kobza, Hutsul bagpipe and folk clothes from linen and leather, painted clay plates, Hutsul axes and many other antiques and objects of everyday life.

Another interesting object is Museum of the "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" film, which tell not only about the capture of the famous film, but as well describes the Hutsul traditions.

Free time. Fans of the bath can arrange a session with steam and broom, fine ladies horseback riding (optional).


Day 2


In Kryvorivnya village situated in 7 km from Verkhovyna, crossed the fates of many famous people. The place is beautiful and with great energy. We will see the wooden Church of the Nativity - one of the oldest in Ukraine, and visit "Hutsul Hrazhda"  - an ancient Hutsul house, a real small fortress.

Kosiv - a real capital of Hutsul folk art. This is where you can find everything: pottery, woven, embroidered and cut, boxes and plates, dolls, Carpathian  teas and mushrooms in various forms. Everyone something to the soul!

This day we visit bright authentic festival "Ludynye". The festival shows great examples of authentic and contemporary clothing, reflecting the diversity of folk costumes in the Hutsul villages and folk artists masterpieces in this field.


Type:  Across Ukraine   Ethnotours. Festivals  


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Kiptar - the traditional wear
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All furniture is from wood
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