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"HBO Chernobyl” series TOUR

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Region:  Kyiv Ukraine

Dates:  13.02, 20.02, 27.02

Number of days: 1

Cost: 4600  UAH

Route:   Kiev - Chernobyl - Kiev

Attention! In case of the state authorities, the start of the CHORNOBYL TOUR can be postponed or moved to another date.

You will visit the real locations of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, displayed in the series "Chernobyl" from HBO:


  •  the basement of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in which the liquidation headquarters was located in the first days after the explosion of the fourth power unit;
  •  the fire department from which the first firefighters left for the scene;
  •  the medical unit of the city of Pripyat, which received the first victims, in the locked basement of which the highly radioactive clothing of the first liquidators is still located;
  •  the legendary bridge of Pripyat town, from which, according to the series, citizens of Pripyat watched the fire at the station;
  •  you will learn the real stories of people whose characters were reflected at the series. And some of them you can even meet in person;
  •  you will visit popular places such as the Amusement Park of Prypiat with the world-famous Ferris wheel;
  •  you will be able to ride in an armored patrol vehicle, in which the liquidators in 1986 made a radiation reconnaissance, making the first radiation contamination maps;
  •  you will try a real lunch of power plant employees in the canteen of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant;
  •  and much more that will reveal to you the true history of the events of 1986.
Departure from Kiev: boarding the bus at 7.30 am, departure at 8.00 am on time.
Meeting place: st. Ohiienka, 6, near the South Terminal of the Central Train Station of Kiev, Ukraine. See photomap and panorama of the meeting point.
Return: 7.30 - 9.00 pm.
The bus is modern, comfortable, with a good overview and air conditioner.
Lunch: 2.30 pm in the canteen (optional, cost $5; tasty and plentiful food, from imported products).
To participate in the excursion you need to submit an application, providing us with the full name, date of birth (day.month.year), passport number, citizenship (data required for registration of permission).
Outfit - it is STRICTLY PROHIBITEDin the Zone: shorts, breeches, skirts and dresses, open shoes.



• drunk, hangover or even with the smell of alcohol; under narcotic effects;
• carrying weapons, prohibited items;
• not meeting the requirements of the captain. In case of such a situation, the excursion immediately ends, the tourist is transferred into the hands of the National Police of Ukraine.

COST OF "HBO Chernobyl” series tour: $185/person
The price includes: all formal permissions (program of a visit, permits), comfortable auto transportation Kiev-Zone-Kiev (air conditioning, viewing a selection of documentary films on the route), professional guide of CHERNOBYL TOUR, compulsory insurance, route map and personal certificate about visit to the Chernobyl zone. When you make an application, we recommend ordering a delicious and environmentally-friendly complex lunch presented above. In addition, you can rent a dosimeter Terra-P - $10/day.

Type:  Active tours   WeekEnds   1-day school trips   Outdoor activities  


Tour photo
Tour photo
Chernobyl excircion
Tour photo
Dosimetr Terra
Tour photo


6.02.2020 Ruslan, Польша

Duration of stay: 5.01.2020-6.01.2020

19.04.2012 Женя Корниенко, Украина

Duration of stay: 2.05.2012-7.05.2012

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