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MASTER CLASS for the preparation of chocolates

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Region:  Kyiv City

Dates:  11.03

Number of days: 1

Cost: 200  UAH

Route:   Kiev

How many types of chocolate is created, supplements thereto, chocolates, delicate toppings - everything that can please the most refined sweet tooth!And of course, no wonder chocolate is associated with good mood, because what could be more pleasant cup of coffee and chocolate flavored FILES TO INSTALL?

Perhaps the chocolate - the most popular and esteemed a delicacy in many countries around the world.

Chocolate - it's not just a sweet dessert, it's a whole trend in cooking. Renowned master chefs in expensive French restaurants are trying to come up with new, original small sweets that are served with tea or coffee.

Such a sweet - not just a fad and a complement to the drink - it is also a way to express respect for the restaurant.

Inviting you to learn more about chocolate and immerse yourself in the magic of chocolate on our master class for the preparation of chocolates.

In the process you'll hear a fascinating story of the appearance and origin of chocolate, take part in the full process of production of chocolates under the guidance of a professional pastry chef - chocolatiers, and even with my own eyes to see a real "chocolate rain" and the river flowing warm chocolate.

Throughout the master-class children and adults learn to cook his own candy, sculpting marzipan treats. Trying real Belgian chocolate, cooked before your eyes, you will remember for a lifetime or the incomparable feeling of sweet bliss. This is a unique sensation of melting chocolate in your mouth fresh, which is comparable with the most beautiful moments of life. And of course, the unforgettable taste of chocolate ...

 As a result, besides a good mood, you can take with these chocolates you prepared from the highest quality Belgian chocolate (no harmful additives, dyes and preservatives).

Come to our master class and the phrase "Everything will be in chocolate" will become synonymous with your good mood!

This master class - a great idea for a birthday or another holiday for you and your children!

And we can arrange a master class in the form of a "Gift Certificate".
Vidbuvaetsya weekly record on January 2013

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Cost: Adult 200grn, 170grn

Type:  Masterclass  


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