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The holiday of Ivan Kupala

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Region:  Kyiv

Dates:  07.07

Number of days: 1

Cost: 250  UAH

Route:   Kiev - Kyiv region - Kiev


10.00 Departure from Zhytomyr Metro

 11.00 Historical background (tales, legends, and signs). Ivan

Kupala festival, which on presentation of our ancestors could change the proportion of

person. Therefore, all the ceremonies that we conduct at the time - it is

original programming of their own destiny - a promise of concentrated good news to the gods.


   Master-class on making the Slavic "twisted" candles - learning to work with the element of fire.


   Preparation and collection of midsummer herbs.


 The ritual of weaving midsummer wreaths and belts. Learn to select and to talk of grass on the fulfillment of desires and change destinies. Our ancestors in the midsummer rites wove wreaths with conspiracies - it was an analogue of fate: each twig, woven into a wreath, - a sort of a certain situation. Then these wreaths with candles or with burning coals from the fire were allowed on the water. Candles or burning embers were symbols of the sacred fire that was always the fate of

illuminated by light.



The ritual of divination, and purification of the element of water. Swimming in the lake in the woods, blowing wreaths on the desire. As water becomes Kupaly holidays special

purification and properties of the prophets, we can not only get answers to

intimate questions, but also change the fate of



The ritual creation of herbal talismans for the home, love potion ritual with fern root: we bewitches not only the opposite sex, but also a financial success, career success, business partners, we need transactions, etc.



Rites of cleansing fire element: Incitement of the fire; dances;

jumping, burning diseases and troubles in the open fire, cleaning power and

divination. In addition, for those who want to be a delicious dinner cooked on an open fire and the flavored tea on wild grasses.



 Check out the home 21.00



Type:  Ethnotours. Festivals  


Tour photo
Tour photo


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