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The Night Before Christmas or Poltava journey

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Region:  Poltava

Dates:  05-07.01

Number of days: 3

Cost: 2250  UAH

Route:   Kyiv-Poltava Poltava-Kyiv

1 Day - January 5
Departure by bus from Kyiv to Poltava. Along the way we meet many famous cities Yagotin, Piriatin, Lubny and others.
Adventure resort Mirgorod, tasting mineral water. Since the ingenious writer Nikolai Gogol cried the whole world: "Strange Mirgorod", it is called Gogol. The writer praised the city for its stories about how the streets Mirgoroda "every woman was thrown away that she does not need" about "amazing Mirgorodskuyu puddle" of "brown pig Ivan Ivanovich, who stole in Mirgorodskom court complaint Ivan Nikiforovich."
Moving to the village Gogoliev to ancestral property of the family Gogol-Yanovsky. There were children and youth Gogol, here he came at different times to his mother and sisters. This place gives a wonderful picture of the era in which the writer lived, because you see his father's house, outbuilding with cabinet writer, his personal belongings. Again, this is not an easy tour - Choose from a cool surprises!
Arriving in Poltava. Accommodation.
Open a little secret - here you can enjoy one of the best in Poltava (or even the whole Ukraine) varieties freshly brewed beer. And, of course, have dinner there on the first floor.

Day 2 - January 6
Breakfast at hotel.
Visiting the museum complex and monuments dedicated to the Battle of Poltava. Actually this battle was a huge influence on the course of Ukrainian history. The history of the battle, its course and historical figures we introduce on-site course of events.
Moving to the village Dikanka. It's a small world with its cares and joys, shrouded by legends and myths. It is unique, inviting and mysterious. Every part of this holy mystery, magic - and it excites, interests and beckons. It seems that it is infused with real impossible holiday with sinful past with the modern. We will visit the church where Gogol's mother prayed for his future destiny and see the Arc de Triomphe day classicism, built the famous Kochubey.
Opishnya - a real pottery capital of Ukraine., And it hereby is certainly proud of. Ancient Cossack town was now one of the most powerful and most famous centers of cultural identity of Ukrainians. Here in the National Museum of Ukrainian pottery, pottery stores almost all Ukrainian centers of pottery - a collection of truly amazing!
Christmas Eve.

Day 2 - January 7
Breakfast. Removal of the hotel.
On a tour of Poltava. Founded Slavs-northerners in IX. fortified pershoposelennya on Ivanova Hill today grown into many thousands of the city. During the many centuries of its existence Poltava made a significant contribution to the Ukrainian and world art treasury. With the city lives and works of many poets, artists, composers, scientists, both those born here and those whom fate has brought to Poltava.
We will visit the historic center and the monument of Glory Round Square and monuments related to the history of the Battle of Poltava, see "white gazebo" and Poltava monument Galushka, will visit the National History Museum (which is itself a work of art !) and visit to the house Kotlyarevsky.
Moving in with. Mhar. Visit the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery Mgarskiy - famous all over Ukraine Cossack monastery. When you get to the monastery - you feel calm and comfort, there are always a perfect way. And the more remarkable fall here in the Christmas Day! For tired from the road lay a small shop with tea from herbs gathered monks themselves, coffee, monastery bread and delicious pastries!
Return to Kyiv by bus.
Cost of the tour: 1450 gr. / Person
The price includes:
• Moving Kyiv-Poltava and Poltava-Kyiv, local moving
• Accommodation (2 nights in Santiago)
• Meals (2 breakfasts, 2 dinners)
• Log on excursion sites for program
• Support groups
• Medical insurance

Type:  Across Ukraine   Winter season tours   New Year and Christmas  


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5.11.2012 Женя, Украина

Duration of stay: 10.09.2012-11.09.2012

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