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Touring the South and the East

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Region:  Mykolayiv Odesa Kherson


Number of days: 11

Cost: 12000  UAH

Route:   Kyiv - Odesa - Vilkovo - Nikolaev - Kherson - Zaporozhye - Donetsk - Soledar - Svyatogorsk - Kyiv

Southern Ukraine boasts some incredible natural parks, botanical gardens and preserves. On the Askania Nova steppes, you will be astounded by freely grazing zebra and buffalo. At the Odesa village of Vylkovo, near Mile 0 on the Danube, you can spot nesting pelicans. See aboriginal inscriptions on the Stone tomb. In legendary Odesa, walk the Potemkin Stairs, and even industrial Donetsk will charm you as the City of One Million Roses.

Day 1. Arriving at the airport. Transfer to Kyiv.

Visit the Museum of Chernobyl. Nuclear accident at Chernobyl entered world history as the greatest, major radiological disaster of the twentieth century. Problems inherent in it, are unique and different from other world famous natural and manmade disasters. The story of the tragic events keeps National museum "Chernobyl", opening April 26, 1992. Dinner. Transfer to / Railway station, sending overnight train to Odessa.

Day 2. Breakfast. Sightseeing tour of the city will introduce Odesa - Odessa beauty. Accommodation. Lunch. Visiting Odessa catacombs. Odessa catacombs - is immense system of underground quarries, partly linked to a massive and strange maze. Dinner. Visiting the Opera House.

Day 3. Breakfast. Adventure in Odesa. Visiting Akkermanskoyi fortress. Lunch. Tour of the winery Chabot, where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine. Return to Odessa. Dinner.

Day 4. Breakfast. Ekskusiya in Vilkovo. Vilkovo - a confluence of the Danube and the Black Sea, the Danube lower reaches of the Pearl, "Ukrainian Venice" is located right at the sea border with Romania. Lunch-picnic on the island. Visiting goat farm. Return to Odessa. Dinner

Day 5. Breakfast. Removal of the hotel. Moving in Nikolaev. City Tour. Visiting historical and archaeological reserve Olbia. Moving to Ochakov. Visit the Military History Museum named after A. Suvorov. Moving in Kherson. Accommodation. Dinner

Day 6. Breakfast. City tour of Kherson. Now we fast forward in time and get on the Green farm Taurus. Lunch. TRIP in Oleshkivski sands - the largest desert (at least the largest sandy area) of Europe. Return to Kherson. Dinner

Day 7. Breakfast. Visiting Askania Nova. Biosphere Reserve Kherson is one of the most famous in the world. Zoo Askania Novi no equal in Eurasia by the number of rare animals and birds. Arboretums Askania Nova rich vegetation and its unique system of irrigation - for each tree is piped ditch! This was awarded the gold medal of the world exhibition in Paris in 1889 - then the whole of Europe called Askania only as "Little Africa"! Lunch. Return to Kherson. Dinner

Day 8. Breakfast. Removal of the hotel. Excursion to Stone Tomb (rock paintings). Stone Grave, looming in the Azov steppes near Melitopol, phenomenal itself in the human sense. Lunch. Sightseeing tour of Zaporozhye, visiting Lenin Avenue. Accommodation. Dinner

Day 9. Breakfast. Removal of the hotel. Excursion to the Power Station. Visiting the island Khortytsya. Khortytsya, the largest island on the Dnieper river and the largest island in Europe. Lunch. Moving in Donetsk. Accommodation. City tour. Donets'k - a true "diamond" Eastern Ukraine. Donets'k - city of contrasts, and this is its charm and beauty! Visiting Donbas Arena and contemporary art center. Dinner

Day 10. Breakfast. Moving to Soledar. Visit the salt mines. Moving to Svyatogorsk. Lunch. Sviatohirsk Assumption Monastery - Orthodox monastery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Sviatogorsk. The monastery on the high right bank of the Cretaceous Seversky Donets. In terrestrial buildings, there are chalk caves. Dinner. Return overnight train to Kyiv.

Day 11. Breakfast. Transfer to the airport

Cost of the tour: from 12 000 UAH


Type:  Discovering Ukraine  


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