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Cheese-land journey

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Region:  Kyiv

Dates:  10.08, 22.09, 20.10

Number of days: 1

Cost: 650  UAH

Route:   Kiev - Boguslav - Ivki - Galayki - Parkhomovka - Kiev

To try a delicious cheese, do not necessarily go abroad, because in Ukraine they do not worse. Our journey will convince you of this. Ukrainian analogues of Parmesan, Roquefort and Shevret at the best dairies in Kyiv region. Just note - despite the Ukrainian origin, the gustatory qualities of these elite cheeses are incredible, the quality standards are not worse, and the price is several times less. We will visit two small farms that produce some of the best cheeses of the country: we will visit tastings and excursions in cheese shops, talk with pedigreed goats and have plenty of cheese! We can also buy. In addition, we will look at the architectural and natural interest that will take place along the way, for example, the Boguslavsky rocks and the fairytale church in Parkhomovka.


Departure from Kiev.


Arrival in Boguslav is an old-time town on the river Ros. Here we will take a tour of the rocks of the regional landscape park "Boguslavl". And then we'll go to the village of Ivki, where the farm is located, whose products are equated in quality and taste to the best European counterparts. On the "Good Farm" several heads of cows and goats from whose milk excellent products are made: aged hard goat and cow cheese, cheese, sweet curd with dried fruits and honey, salted curds with greens, olives, nuts, various curds and soft cheeses such as Adyghe , oils, including salt and garlic ... The farm's website contains a complete list of products. Here we will have an excursion, where we will see the conditions of keeping animals, cheese production, which will complete the tasting of cheeses and their purchase (optional). Almost the same program will be in Galayki, on the farm "Baby Goats". But the cheeses will be different. Unlike well-bred cheeses, with tastes that can be called more or less traditional, in Galaika we will try exclusively goat cheeses of special taste - sharp, with mold, but do not worry - they are no less delicious. At the conclusion of the trip, once again we'll jump into Parkhomovka - we'll admire the beauty of the miracle-church of Pokrovskaya and the mosaics of Roerich.


If you have never overeaten elite cheeses - we give you this opportunity. Take the wine (to the cheese) with you.


Attention !!! Discounts in this tour is not provided! Lunch is not provided, because we will have two dense cheese tastings.


Included in cost:


- transport services;

- excursion support;

- Entrance tickets to the Fiers;

- tasting of cheeses.


Type:  WeekEnds   1-day school trips  


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Tour photo
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