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Journey to the Center of the Earth

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Region:  Dnipropetrovs’k


Number of days: 1

Cost: 3500  UAH

Route:   Kryviy Rih

Probably everyone of us in his childhood read Jules Verne's adventure novel «Journey to the Center of the Earth», or imagined that he can make a tunnel to a completely different point in the world during long, long digging.

Probably miners from Kryvyi Rih, inspired by this goal and now we have the opportunity to visit almost  the "center of the Earth".

So, let's go on an exciting journey with Professor Lindenbroeck.

10.00 - Arrival to the territory of "Kryvyi Rih iron ore plant"

At the very beginning of the tour, we get into the operating mine "Kryvyi Rih iron ore plant", located at a depth of 1350 meters underground.

The mine is actually working, so first of all we have to go through the safety instructions and medical examination, to transfer into special clothing.

The tour begins.

It is thanks to the inexhaustible heavy work of miners that we have an "underground miner's city", which has 8 operating mines, already started at a mark of 1620 meters deep.

Under the ground 2.5 thousand, kilometers of underground passages - incredible slopes, drifts, orts, mining chambers, and tents were excavated.

The record-breaking deep shafts of Europe are here. This is "Gvardiyiiska" (- 1620 m), "Ternivska" (- 1605 m), "Rodina" (- 1568 m), "Yuvileina" (- 1530 m), "Oktyabrska" (- 1490 m).

Descent into the mine at such depths is a real adventure, because you can see how miners work, drilling machines, scraper winches, loading machines, which way passes iron ore from the moment from extraction to raising to the surface.

Up and up to the light! How to overcome the distance of 1452 meters on a vertical axis in one day?

Here begins the second part of our journey - lifting to the copra. These are the structures that are located above the shaft of the mine, where there are devices for skippers (vessels with which from 25 to 50 tons of iron ore are raised from the ground) and cages (lifts for the transportation of people).

Interesting fact. Kryviy Rih iron ore was used to build the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Recently, the local cottage became known as "Kryvyi Rih eiffel towers". This is a magnificent observation deck, with some of them rising above 100 meters above the ground. What's not a great place to take a picture of the panorama of the longest city in Europe?

We invite for a 5-hour adventure, which will give you unforgettable experiences and experiences!

The cost of the excursion - 3500 UAH.

Type:  WeekEnds   Outdoor activities   Discovering Ukraine  


Tour photo
Operating mine
Tour photo
Operating mine
Tour photo
Kryvyi Rih landscapes
Tour photo
Operating mine


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