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Ascania-Nova ecotour

Region: Kherson

Dates: 01-02.05

Number of days: 2

Cost: 1850 UAH


Herson - Black Sea cost - Ascania-Nova - Herson

You will find yourself in a unique reserve - Askania Nova, where peacocks freely walk around the zoo, and the arboretum has a unique irrigation system. But the most interesting is the huge herds of animals that graze freely in the steppe.

Also, take a dip in a geyser spring with healing water, get acquainted with the mermaid and the city of Golaya Pristan, visit the Green Farms of Tavria, make a trip to the largest desert in Europe - Oleshkovsky Sands ... And spend the night on the Black Sea - and all these wonderful impressions in just 2 of the day!


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Sacura in blossom

Region: Zakarpattya

Dates: 01-04.05

Number of days: 4

Cost: 3500 UAH


Hust - Synevir lake - Kolochava - Beregove - Mukachevo - Karpaty - Uzhgorod - Lumshory

Sacura in blossom

Tour photo

Week in the Carpathians: Live melody of nature

Region: Ivano-Frankivs'k Carpathians

Dates: 01.06-31.08

Number of days: 8

Cost: 4500 UAH


Ivano-Frankivsk - Verkhovyna - Ivano-Frankovsk



You want to have at least a week away from the urban hustle and bustle? There, where peace and quiet, where the pure water of the rivers reflects the majestic beauty of the mountains? Where the horizon is not limited to apartment blocks, and the berries can be collected directly on the slopes near the house? And where a man for many centuries, does not destroy this beauty, and makes it hurt a bright, original and unique national product? Then you are on the Hutsul!

We want to introduce you to this wonderful edge. The fastest of the river and the highest mountains, the most cheerful song and brightest folk art - all here. As well as hospitable mansion / hotel and tasty Hutsul cuisine. After a day on the tour you will be expected to tell and show the most interesting of the local color. On other days - the ability for 100% relaxation.



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